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taking control

the graphics journal of city_traffic
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Hi and welcome to heartparades. This is the graphic/icon community of city_traffic. When I'm bored on the weekends I like to make graphics and play around with photoshop. In that case, from time to time I'll be making icons/banners/graphics and posting them here. The newest post will be public while the older posts will be friends only, so please be sure to join to view older posts! This is a moderated community, but request for membership and I'll most likely add you. So just remember to follow the rules and have fun viewing and taking a look around!

1) Always, always credit either heartparades or city_traffic.
2) Don't hotlink please!.
3) Do not alter my graphics in anyway. Textless icons are not bases.
4) Do not use my graphics outside of Livejournal.
5) Please comment the entry if you're taking any icons/graphics or plan to in the future.
6) Do not forget to check the tags to search for past posts!


sparkof_icons fueledbygraphix well_im_not

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